Mission and Values


ROCKWOOL aims to become the best supplier of products, systems and solutions for a greater thermal efficiency, acoustical insulation and fire protection.


ROCKWOOL values are the basis of our thinking and of our daily activity.

Our values

  • Underlying the way we think and the way we act.
  • Makes possible carrying on the company’s activity and the capacity of taking prompt and efficient decisions, with the purpose of reducing to minimum the bureaucracy level.
  • Determines the way we act and collaborate,  how we want to be perceived by the customers.
  • Determines the quality of our behavior within the PL program and group strategy.

- We are characterized by honesty – we are being honest to ourselves and in the same way with the others.

- We are reliable partners – in what we do and what we say. This is why we are capable of planning and acting optimally, on everyone’s benefit.

- We allow the necessary time for completion of our work, because what we are doing needs to be exemplary executed, and only a proper preparation can provide quality of a successful action. When a decision is taken, is acts immediately, under the motto “act, don’t make excuses on delaying” and we communicate these decisions on short time.

- We are motivated and happy on satisfying our customers. We are doing our best to work on full capacity and to act proactively, stimulating creativity, flexibility and entrepreneurial spirit.

- We act responsibly towards our customers, partners, shareholders, respecting each one interests.