Airrock LD


ROCKWOOL Airrock LD is a light weight , water repellent stone  wool slab for ventilated facade  systems, partition walls , ceilings, soffits and metal cassette systems. . . Airrock LD is available in the new "Slim pack" packaging. This new technology enables more tiles to be packed in a bundle, i.e. up to 60% more m2 per package. A new pallet can contain even more than double the insulating surface, compared to the standard pallet.Upon request Airrock LD can be  supplied also with one side glass fleece coating in white or black colour (FB1 eq. black fleece; FW1 eq. white fleece). Like all ROCKWOOL products it protects against fire; provides acoustic comfort due to its fibrous structure; is uniquely durable against all forms of weather and is only sourced from sustainable materials.