Why Rockwool for Ceiling

ROCKWOOL's insulation is the perfect choice for non-heated spaces like garages or cellars in commercial and residential buildings from shopping malls, offices, concert halls to restaurants, hotels or small houses. Suitable for refurbished or new buildings  ROCKWOOL has a high performing and cost-effective insulation product that will last for the life of the building. ROCKWOOL's ceiling insulation is essential in order to ensure thermal and acoustic insulation but even more contributes to the acoustic correction of the spaces in which it is installed.



ROCKWOOL insulation is classified as belonging to Euroclass A1, made from naturally fire resistant stone mineral wool. As a result, it protects flammable constructions or those susceptible to the effects of fire, it increases elements of building structures’ resistance to fire, it slows down heat transfer up to high temperatures and its fibrous structure does not melt away below 1000°C
ROCKWOOL products improve the safety of occupants and rescuers, as well as protecting property and belongings in the event of a fire

For Ceiling applications it can result in the use of less concrete required to provide the adequate length of time for fire protection. Above this it is used for car garage ceilings for fire protection

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