Sound has a big impact on our level of comfort, and getting the right balance requires careful thought about how rooms will be used.

The physical characteristics of a building influence sound. Solid surfaces reflect sound, and elements such as flooring, pipes and radiators can transfer it from room to room. While the acoustics of a space can be altered, there are many factors to consider and when planning a construction or renovation project, it is essential to consider acoustics form the outset.

Good to keep in mind:

  • Consider how sound travels - identify and address all potential sources of room-to-room sound transmissions
  • Evaluate the requirements of each room according to its purpose, and bear in mind the needs of surrounding spaces
  • Check local regulation for different building types

Solutions for life

There are ROCKWOOL products to solve most acoustic challenges, including insulation for walls, floors, ceiling and technical installations. In addition ROCKWOOL insulation and ROCKFON® ceiling enhance thermal comfort, fire safety and property value.