How to evaluate fire safety

Reaction to fire

Majority of ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation products are classified as Euroclass A1 – The highest class for non-combustible products that do not contribute to a fire.

The Euroclasses are linked directly to the perceived hazard in a reference fire scenario — a fire in a room —and the large scale test modelling of this scenario was chosen to be the ISO 9705 Room Corner test which is the type of test used also in some worldwide insurance approval schemes.

The reaction to fire class can be different for different products and materials.



Although Euroclass ratings provide information about smoke intensity and production of burning droplets, these are measured using a relatively small fire source (31 kW) and the tested constructions are positioned vertically – both conditions limit the usefulness of such information; the rating depends on the way the product is installed during the tests.

Evaluation of smoke toxicity is not part of reaction to fire classification criteria.