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Safe for use

Safe for use

ROCKWOOL stone wool is a material with brittle fibres. If the material is cut with the use of a sharp cutting tool such as a sharp knife or a guillotine saw, it will usually not create any dust.

ROCKWOOL stone wool is a safe material to work with. When tested, this type of stone wool is found to be non-carcinogenic. This fact is supported by the decision of the World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) to exempt stone wool from its list of “possibly cancer causing agents”. This conclusion was based on the fact that epidemiological studies provided no evidence of an increased risk of lung cancer from occupational exposure to stone wool fibres, and that there has been no excess of tumours in long-term inhalation studies in animal experiments. Similar there was no increased risk of lung fibrosis.

Class M1 (the best quality) 'low-emitting building materials'Comprehensive full-scale investigations of emissions from stone wool products at the Fraunhofer Institute in Braunschweig show that they are a negligible source of formaldehyde in the indoor environment and therefore of no concern for the inhabitants of houses insulated with stone wool products. In addition, Finnish Emission Classification of Building Materials tests on ROCKWOOL insulation products for formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds emissions categorize them as Class M1 (the best quality) ‘ low-emitting building materials ’