ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation is made from rock, so it will not burn, aiding fire safety, means of escape, inhibiting the spread of fire both internally and from one building to another, ensuring the stability of buildings and providing adequate access for fire-fighters in and around buildings. Discover how ROCKWOOL can help you meet the fire regulations.

There are multiple fire regulations affecting the use of construction materials and their installation. There are also statutory risk assessment and management requirements for buildings owners, employers, managers, occupiers and designers. 
ROCKWOOL products offer unbeatable fire performance to help you meet the fire safety standards set out in Norm P118 . This guidance applies to all kind of  buildings and all hospitals, schools, warehouses, factories and shopping centres, whatever their height.


  • Focused on protecting lives
  • Provides guidance on the appropriate use of building materials with differing levels of fire performance
  • Provides definitions for non-combustibility and limited combustibility products
  • Reaction to Fire classification systems 

Example regarding fire regulation on high rise buildings:Art.45. High and very high buildings, materials and products used for building envelope (external walls, curtain walls) including their finish or external cladding and insulation materials must be in reaction to fire class A1 or A2-s1d0.

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