The EU regulations introduced tougher standards for the carbon performance of new buildings – with an aim to reduce carbon emissions and save householders on their heating bills. Discover how ROCKWOOL can help you meet the thermal regulations.

Legislation in all EU countries requires reducing energy consumption for heating in new buildings.  In Romania Law 372/2005 and Norm C 107/2005 (revised in 2010) regulates this parameter in close relation with the issuance of building permits.
This value depends on the shape of the building, and is situated between 32 and 60 kWh / (m2. year ) for buildings designed after January 1, 2011 . In close future this value will be gradually diminished to reach in 2020  around level 0 kWh / (m2 year) as required by Directive 2010/31/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union ( nZEB-Nealy Zero energy buildings ). Therefore projects (construction/renovation) should meet current requirements in the passive house concept .The Law 372/2005 establishes the obligation of drawing up the energy performance certificate for all new buildings or old,  sold or leased since 2011. This document includes the building energy consumption assumed by an approved expert and also other values to allow evaluation. In this way, the quality of the building envelope (thermal insulation) will increase the selling price of the property and the rent that can be charged.


In all EU countries legislation requires minimum values for the thermal resistance R (or overall heat transfer coefficient U) of the elements in new construction. In Romania they are indicated in the norm C 107/2005 (revised in 2010) with application specified by Law 372/2005.
Our range of ROCKWOOL stone wool products can help you comply with all these regulation.